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Re-vamped our webhosting, better, more secure and faster!

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Or customer base already knows, here at CT-NetService we offer great service. Not only we will help you to get your order through but we put in the extra mile to get your website and email setup. Problems with your website or can’t wrap your head around something? Don’t worry, our support team is always available to help you out.

Compared to our competitors we have minimal waiting time on calls and respond instantly to support tickets but what does make our webhosting so special?


We offer the same products as the big hosting companies like HostGator, GoDaddy or 123-reg. Instant install of your website through our one-click installer, creating email accounts on the spot and much more. But wait, did you know we are one of the few that secure your website instantly?

For security reasons and also partial it will help with SEO for your website, we install an SSL certificate when your account is created. Why? Very simple, we believe it’s important all websites running on our webhosting platform are secure by default and as a bonus this will help you with SEO and gaining trust from your visitors as they will see the nice lock in the top of their browser. Last but not least, Google Chrome announced they will warn users when a website does not have a secure HTTPS version of the website.

Take a look at the comparison below and see for yourself.




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