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Step 1 – Roadmap 2018 – Infrastructure migration completed.

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We are happy to announce our first step migrating all original servers is completed. We have finished moving all our servers to the UK datacenter on 28th of December.

Last year was a great journey and we started this new year with another awesome one. We have set our roadmap and goals for this year to make more clients happy and offer great services. Moving over our servers to the UK datacenter in London wasn’t just a relocation but the beginning of our new management software and new servers. We have partnered with an unique company that does, as one of the few, management systems for both Linux and Windows machines. Because of that we can offer a even bigger range of services and products to you.


Achieving the relocation and rebuilt into the management system has given us a lot of sleepless nights to make sure everything was working smooth and meeting our high standards, even when you have the confidence in a product you still want to see actual proof of it 🙂 And we can say, we are very happy at this point.

Didn’t notice anything, you didn’t know we moved our servers and using different systems? Great! That’s a bonus for us, we don’t want any of our clients to have worries of unavailable services and made this our highest priority.

Later this week we will publish our complete roadmap for 2018 and you can see exactly what is being done to make your CT-NetService experience even better. Can’t wait? You can always get in touch with us to ask your questions and see if we can meet your (new) requirements for 2018.


PS: read – Happy New Year


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