IT Management – Proactive monitoring and

CT-NetService offers a wide range of services including full IT-Management.

Every company needs IT Management, when it’s a small home/office network with a couple of computers or big infrastructure at an enterprise company, it’s a factor most underestimate. Good workings of your IT will be more important over time. IT Management isn’t something that has to be expensive or difficult, this is where we come in.


Why professional IT Management is important.

To understand why it is important we will ask you this: Could you live 2 days without your email, website, phone system and computer? Is your company affected badly when your IT doesn’t work anymore?

IT managementEnterprise-grade IT Management and support for your business.

IT Management and Support does pro-active monitoring and upholds high-standards, as a result keeps your business running. Detecting problems before they actually become issue’s. Remote Management and Monitoring will keep things running smoothly without interruptions. The IT Supportdesk will help you out when you have questions or problems that needs to be resolved. Professional but also with a personal touch, we aren’t machines and don’t expect you to be either. Thinking with you and your business requirements so your IT operates as a benefit instead of a necessary thing.



What does our IT-management do for you.

Our IT-management consists out of the following services:

  1. IT Management – Remote management and monitoring of servers, workstations and devices.
  2. IT Supportdesk – Email, web and telephone support.
  3. Reporting – Identifying future problems, upgrade needs and changes.
  4. Service Level Agreement – Fixed costs for your IT needs.
  5. Consultancy – we are always thinking of things to improve your IT and help your business move forward.
  6. Integrate with our products and other services, for example with web hosting, CloudPBX, project management.


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